Introduction and Recruitment Day for Growing Memories

We had a very enjoyable and successful Information Day for the project on Saturday 11th May, resulting in most of the visitors signing up to participate in the programme.

Our team of volunteers, and farm manager had worked hard to prepare the barns to welcome folk from Bangor and Ards down the farm.
Many had been on the farm as children or working in the area and journeyed through the Quarries Farm daily to and from work or school.

All gathered around the table

All gathered around the table

We had about 15 people gathered, and invited everyone around the table. We quickly realised there was no need for ice breakers as stories flowed between all ages!
Old maps helped all ages to see how the area had been in the 70's

Old maps helped all ages to see how the area had been in the 70’s

Folk had the chance to get reacquainted, and Dennis Neill kindly brought maps along of the area in 1968-69 and earlier, illustrating to all ages how the area has changed.

With a patch of dry weather we lead short tours of Growing Connections facilities on Quarries farm and Ruby shared a little ‘bread and butter’ with her Grandaughter, from the Hawthorn trees first Spring leaves.

John Irvine
It was wonderful to hear all the stories and fantastic to have such willing contributors!

We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back for the first session on Friday 31st May at 1pm.

We are also looking for some more Under 25’s to participate, so spread the word and if you know anyone ask them to get in touch
with Rachael 02891878997 or email we look forward to hearing from you.


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